Server Details Rates
Experience (XP)
Skill Points (SP)
Rate Drop Adena
Allow Auto Learn Skill
Allow Auto Pick Items
YES (Exept Raids and Grand Bosses)

Buffs: 36+4, All buffs in NPC.
Armors: CUSTOM : Titanium .
Weapons:CUSTOM: Infinity .
Accessories: Custom Wings + Crusader Helmet .
Tattoo's and Jewels Boss.
Vote System: Allowed Hop-Zone / Top Zone / L2JNetwork

Enchant System
Safe: +20 | Max: +40.
Normal Enchant: 100% Max +20.
Blessed Enchant: 100% Max +20 to +30.
Crystal Scroll: 100% Max +30 to +40

Argument System
Top Life Stone: 15% Chance obtain Skill.
High Life Stone: 10% Chance obtain Skill.
Mid Life Stone: 5% Chance obtain Skill.
High Life Stone: 10% Chance obtain Skill.
1 Active 1 Passive
Chance Status: 1% (Ex: INT +1, STR+1, CON+1).

Event TvT: every 2hours .
Event CTF: every 6hours.
Event DM: every 12hours.

Time: 18h to 24h GMT+1.
Items: Custom.
Enchant: All.
Period: 15 days.
Minimum 9 Games, Minimum 4 Points to be Hero ( 1 victory ).

Clan/Ally System
Members Clan:MAX 40
Number of clans in ally: 1
Penalty of leave clans: 1 day

Period: 14 Days (120 minutes duration).
Only registered clans can join the siege
Siege zone : counts pvp in zone siege
All players tome to castle gets rewards online

Injection Protections.
DDoS protection.
Maximum number of 3 client windows running.

All Skills Debuff and Stun 5 seconds
Respawn Protection 20 seconds
Zealot, Angelic, Frenzy and Guts were modified for the use of pvp
Seeds ( water,Wind,Fire ) Working 100%
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